Triggers for informing the RYA

Guidance for dealing with Major Incident

Emergency Action Plan

1. Without endangering yourself give any assistance you can.

2. Ensure the safety of others

Be prudent but don't hesitate to:-

3. Call the Emergency Services by dialling 999 or 112

Describe the incident and give the location of the club

Sully Sailing club is located at the bottom of the lane to the Jubilee Hall, next to 28 Smithies Avenue,opposite Weston Avenue

Postcode CF64 5SS

If someone is available send them to the top of the lane to direct the Emergency Services

4. Report a major incident to a Committee Member

5. Record the incident. The Accident Book is upstairs.

For a Major incident note action taken, times etc. and encourage anyone else involved to do so independently.

6. Do not talk to the press. (Committee Members or the RYA will do this)

The RYA document on dealing with major incidents is upstairs in the Clubhouse.

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